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Gommateshwara Bhagawan Sri Bahubali Swamy Mahamasthakabhisheka Mahotsava - 2006

The Mahamasthakabhisheka Mahotsava of Lord Bahubali at Shravanabelagola would be held during the months of January and February 2006. The mahotsava extends over a period of 28 days beginning with its inauguration on 22nd January and concluding on 19th of February 2006.

Cultural Programmes

Followed by the inauguration of the event on 22nd January, cultural events and presentations would be held at the main stage and the exhibition premises. Government sponsored cultural presentations and events by artists of national and international repute would be held at the main stage. The cultural programmes would be planned in a way so as to project the Jain heritage and religion. These include dramas, skits, religious songs and other presentations.  

Apart from the programmes at the main stage the cultural programmes would also be held in the premises of the exhibition grounds. 





22-01-2006 to 06-02-2006

Daily 6.30 to 9.30 pm






Namokar Manthra Chanting and Bhajan Group



Instrumental Carnatic Music - Saxophone

Devotional Songs

Ballet - Chandragiri Guna Gowrava

Sri B.R.Venugopal, Belur

Dr.Hanumanna Nayak Dore KU, Hampi.

Vn. Unnath Rathnaraj and Troup, C.R.Patna



Devotional Songs

Ballet - Chandragupta Maurya Dakshinapatha Vihara

Yakshagana- Bharatha Bahubali

Smt.P.Rama and Smt.R.Chandrika Troupe, B'lore

Vidushi Kaveramma Uthaiah and Troupe, Mysore


Lalithakeerthi Yakshagana Mandali, Karkala



Sugama Sangeetha (Light Music)


Bharatha Natya (Classical Dance)


Smt. T.K.Chanmdana & Troupe, Tumkur

Sri Ganesh Udupa & Smt.Rukmini Nagendra, Hassan

Sri Suchendra Jain, Channarayapatna

Natyanjali Trust, Bangalore



Sugama Sangeetha

Bharatha Natya

Ballet - Kundakunda Bharathi

Ballet - Bahubali Vijaya

Smt.M.V.Prabhamani Manjunath, Hassan

Smt.Kyvalya Jain Sagar

Sri Padmamba Jain Mahila Samaja, Tumkur

Smt.Lalitha Srinivasan & Troupe, B'lore



Haridas Bhakthi Sangeetha

Ballet - Uttara Natya Vybhava

Vidushi Smt.Shamala G.Bhave, B'lore

Sri Sathyanarayana Raju & Troupe, B'ore



Sugama Sangeetha

Drushyavali - Historical Women

Ballet - Dwadashanu Prekshe

Smt.Hema & Smt.Padmashree, Hassan

Akila Karnataka Jain Mahila Okkuta, Tumkur

Smt.Vilaskumari Sharma and Troupe, Mysore



Devotional Songs

Drushya Ballet

Mahila Yakshagana - Abhinava Vagdevi Kanti

Priyadarshini Mahila Mandali, C.R.Patna

Padmavathi Mahila Samaj, B'lore

Karnataka Kaladarshina, Blore




Devotional Songs

Philosophical Songs Of Ratnakara

HIndustani Classical Music

Ballet - Vybhavas of Tirthankaras
























An exhibition spread over an area of around 8 to 10 acres would be organized to mark the event. Though the exact date of its inauguration is not yet finalised it would be inaugurated some where around first week of the mahotsava. The exhibition committee plans to have around 150 to 170 stalls. The stalls dedicated to different themes on Jainism and Vegetarianism by different Jain organisations would be its main highlight. Apart from this a separate books exhibition from Jain publishers would be held. An exclusive section dedicated to the Indian art forms would be an added attraction. Different state and central Government departments are also expected to participate. They would exhibit their projects, programmes and achievements.

Poojas, Aradhans and Panchakalyanak

Coming on to the religious part of the celebrations many poojas, aradhanas and vidhanas such as the Chaturvimshati Tirthankara Aradhana, Rishi Mandala Aradhana, Kalyana Mandira Aradhana, Navagraha Aradhana, Kalikundala Aradhana, Bhaktamara Aradhana, Shanthichakra Aradhana, Shanthinatha vidhan etc would be performed under the guidance of Acharya 108 Sri Vardhamanasagarji Muni Maharaj, Swasti Sri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji and other Munis and Bhatarakas. The exact date and time of the aradhanas to be performed are yet to be finalised. The dates of these aradhanas would be finalised depending on the tithis (dates) of the Jaina astrology. Its worth noting that all the poojas, aradhanas and vidhans are performed with an intention of global peace, harmony and well being. Most of these aradhanas are expected to conclude before 4th February the beginning of the Panchakalyanak.   

The entire mahamasthakabhisheka mahotsav is expected to gain a new momentum with the beginning of panchakalyanak from saturday the 4th (Magha Shukla 7) to 9th February 2006. 4th February would probably be a preparatory day for the panchakalyanak, on this day the preparatory rituals for the panchakalyanak such as the Nandi Mangala, Indra Pratishta, Kankana Bandhana, Vastu Vidhan and others would be performed. 5th February would probably be a day of Garbhavatarana Kalyanak followed by Janma Kalyanak on 6th February, Diksha Kalyanak on 7th February, Kevala Gnana kalyank on 8th February and Moksha Kalyanak on 9th February.    


The Mahamasthakabhisheka of Lord Bahubali the main attraction of the event would begin on Wednesday the 8th February, 2006 (Magha Shukla 11). 8th being the first day of the abhisheka Lord Bahubali (Gommatesha) would be anointed with 108 Kalashas (pots). 9th February (Magha Shukla 12) the second day the monolithic statue would be bathed with 504 Kalashas. The no. of Kalashas on all the days from 10th to 19th February would be 1008. (The usual number used to perform the abhisheka.) Each day the abhisheka will start with the performing of the Panchamrutha abhisheka followed by the Kalasha abhisheka.

Special Programmes

In between the regular abhishekas the 11th, 14th and 17th February would be the rest days for the abhisheka with special poojas in the premises of the Jain mutt.

Saturday 11th February 2006 - Sarvatobadhra Mahapooja At Bhandari Basadi

On this day the panchamrutha abhishekha would be performed with religious fervour by twenty four Indras to the 24 Tirthankara idols simultaneously at the ancient Bhandari Basadi.  On this occasion the 24 arghyas would be offered with Bhakti Sangeeth. At the time of pooja the 24 umbrellas and 64 chamaras would be offered to the Tirthankara idols with Bhakti Sangeeth.

Tuesday 14th February 2006 - Sahasrakoota Jinabimba Abhishekha Mahapooja

The sahasrakoota Jinabimba which comprises of 1008 idols of Jain Tirthankaras moulded into a single metal block is one of the most attractive Jain idols at Shravanabelagola. The panchamrutha abhishekha to these idols would be performed with religious fervour and devotion with 1008 Kalashas with great pomp and glory. The abhishekha can be viewed from all the eight directions. After the abhishekha the pooja of deva, shastra, guru and ashtaka follows.

Thursday 17th February 2006 - Saraswathi Jinavani Shastra Mahapooja

The original script on palm leaves of the Dhavala, Jayadhavala, Mahadhavala, Tiloyapannatti, Samayasara, Gommatasara, Mahapurana and other religious works will be brought in a silver palanquin with religious fervour and devotion and would be kept on a silver altar. Dvadashanga Shrutashtaka poojas will be performed. Many religious books would also be released on the occasion. The programmes on this day will be conducted with swasti vidhan along with offering of the Mangala dhravyas.

Please Note: We are unable to provide the exact dates (particularly the aradhanas), since the finer details of the event have not been finalized.


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