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Gommateshwara Bhagawan Sri Bahubali Swamy Mahamastakabhisheka Mahotsava - 2006




Dr.Thole Sanmati Swaroopchan Chairman,Organising Committee, Discussion On Jainism And Free Diagnostic And Treatment Camp Is Being Organised.

          Once in 12 years mahamastabhishek is organized at shravnbelagola as an international event. Accordingly Gommateshwara Bhagwan Sri Bahubali Swami Mahamastabhishek mahotsava samiti –2006 has organized Mahamastabhishek from 8th Feb. 2006 to 19th Feb. 2006.

          Mahotsava Samiti has organized various religious, social and cultural programmes at sharavanbelagola. His holiness Achaeyashree 108 Vardhmansagar maharaj is available to bless the occasion and under dynamic leadership of his Holiness Jagadguru Karmayogi Swatishree Charukeerthy Bhattaraka Swamiji, chairman S.D.J.M.I. managing committee all India digambar Jain doctors’ convention on 19,20,21 feb 2006 at sharavanbelagola.

          His holiness Jagadguru Karmayogi Swatishree Charukeerthy Bhattaraka Swamiji is advising and guiding for excellent arrangement for this convention. CHIEF PATRON Rajshri Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, HONORARY PRESIDENT Shri Nareshkumar Sethi, SWAGATADHYAKSHA Shri Nirmalkumar Sethi, WORKING PRESIDENT Shri A.R.Nirmalkumar, GENERAL SECRETARY Shri Arvind R. Doshi, chairman, accommodation committee Shri Anil Sethi, Chairman, Publicity Shri S.Jitendrakumar, secretary Shri L.s. Jivankumar, chairman, Volunter Committee Shri D.A.Patil, chairman, Tyagi Samiti Shri. Streepalji Gangwal, Mahavir Sethi, Smt.Sarita Jain, Officbearers and members of Mahotsava Samiti are kind to bless the convention for grand success.

          The auspicious occasion of century’s first Mahamastabhishek is being utilized as an golden opportunity by all India digambar Jain Doctors forum to hold India’s First All Indian Digambar jain doctor’s convention with theme of           How Jainism is ideal and the best way of life for human being.


          The organizing committee has unanimously elected Dr.Sanmati Thole S. as chairman of organizing committee, the chairpersons of various committees are Dr.Ramesh k Badjatya (Reception), Dr. Pankaj Badjate (Finance), Dr. Sunil Sahuji k. (Registration), Dr. Ajit Jain S. (Accommodation), Dr. Anil Gangwal H. (Transport), Dr. pradeep Chandiwal (Venue Management), Dr.Rajesh Jambure (Scientific), Dr.ravindra Pande (Catering), Dr.Mrs.Pratibha Pande R. (inaugration and cultural), Dr.Badjatya Suresh K. (Audiovisual), Dr.Prakash Patni S.(Tyagi and Hospitality), Dr. S.s. Thole(Publicity), Dr. patni P.M.(Stall and Exhibition), Dr. Gangwal Ashok (Tour and Travel), Saarang P.Patni (Student cell) are appointed.

Shri Premchand Godha will be chief patron for Dr. D.C. Jain, Dr. KM Gangwal Pune, Dr.A. k. Pancholia (Indore), Dr. An and Gandhi (Pune), Dr. DC. Jain (Aasam), Dr. Ajit Patil (Sangli), Dr. Abhinandan Jain (Delhi) and Dr. Paras Gangwal (Banglore) have agreed to be patrons of the convention.

At this century’s first Mahamastabhishek from 8th Feb. 2006 upto 19th Feb. 2006. To have glimpses on 19th Feb. 2006 last day of Maharashtahishek. A rare occasion, specially gestured for all digambar Jain doctors and students by his Holiness Jagadguru Karmayogi Swatishree Charukeerthy Bhattaraka Swamiji by availing special accommodation from 19th Feb. at sharavanbelagola for all digambar Jain doctors and students.

          Delegates attending convention on 20th Feb. 2006 can perform Kalashabhishek.

          The convention will start in the evening of 20th Feb. 2006 and will end of 21st Feb. 2006.        

          At sharavanbelagola, A child diagnostic and treatment will be arranged free of charge on suitable dates during convention. To provide free treatment, medicine worth Rs. 1Lac is made available for distribution.

          Hence it is a request to all digambar Jain Doctor’s to take advantage of this unique and golden opportunity for all digambar Jain doctor’s all over India t gather at this place and grace the occasion.

                               For details pls contact: -

                     Thole Children Hospital,           

                     Opp. Jain Temple, Rajabajar,   


                     Phone No.0240-2353019              


                     Fax no.02402337046




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